In this explosive novel of Central America and the United States, acclaimed storyteller and foreign correspondent Michael Molinski takes readers on a journey back in time to the days of pre-Civil War United States, when the U.S. was just beginning to be recognized as a world power. Competing countries, religions and capitalists were fighting over who would dominate and control the Caribbean and Central America, and the people of the region were doing their best to control their own destiny.


“Mixing adventure & historical fact, Molinski takes the reader on a thrilling ride through the faraway and mysterious Mosquito Coast of Nicaragua. Like James Michener, he mixes well-researched history in a story that includes adventurers, missionaries, Indians, the richest of American society and down-on-their-luck denizens. An exhilarating debut!”

— Joan Kruckewitt, author of The Death of Ben Linder: The Story of a Northamerican in Sandinista Nicaragua and former ABC Radio correspondent in Nicaragua.




“Miskito presents a fascinating look into a place and time filled with a great deal of cinematic potential. Audiences may be familiar with the American Civil War and the Wild West, but the equally dramatic and epic events taking place in Nicaragua are largely forgotten. This story winningly blends historical fact with fictional characters and adventures to craft a thrilling narrative.”

– professional screenwriter, AuthorHouse.


“Who knew that the Mosquito Coast played such a large role in the start of U.S. imperialism, industrialization, slavery and the Civil War? What’s frightening is that the same thing seems to be taking place today on a global scale.”

– Karl Taro Greenfeld, former Time magazine senior writer and author of Speed Tribes and Triburbia.



It is 1851 and Nick Malone is faced with a life-changing decision: should he remain as a Wall Street trader and marry his socialite fiancé, or should he follow those who are seeking riches in the California Gold Rush. Or, should he choose a third option: an offer from wealthy American statesman Cornelius Vanderbilt to go to Nicaragua and open a new transoceanic transportation route and canal across Central America? Follow Nick’s decision as he sets off on a series of adventures that plots the course for the future of Central America but also of U.S. imperialism, global capitalism, Civil War and Manifest Destiny; and how his romance with a strong-willed Moravian missionary affected all of that.